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Throw Out Fifty Things (yes, fifty!)

January 19, 2011

The new year always makes me want to clean. 

Once I’ve finished packing away the decorations, thinking wistfully how much better the room looked with Christmas lights, vacuuming up endless pine needles, and putting the furniture back where it was; I realize I like the cleaner, simpler ambiance.

Enter, Gail Blanke, author of Throw Out Fifty Things – Clear the Clutter, Find Your Life. As a “world-class motivator whose vision is to empower men and women to live truly exceptional lives”, Ms. Blanke gives a detailed, step-by-step system for discarding, donating, selling, recycling, and rediscovering.

Wait, a book?! I don’t have time to read books! 

Ok, me either.  But she has a FREE, 26-page workbook available on her web site which covers just about all your bases. Check it out!

I confronted some very old scented candles that had transformed in to a totally unrecognizable smell and color, about 47 million twist ties (give or take) that were beyond the twisting and tying needs of a lifetime, and rediscovered a small pendant I received on my 18th birthday (yay!).

Let us know your best throw-out or other secrets to keeping yourself organized. Happy de-cluttering!

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