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Wedding day wisdom

March 31, 2011

Wedding season is just around the corner (yes, there really is a “season”) and with my own upcoming anniversary, I always think about the useful things people told me before the day arrived.

To that end, I’ve gathered advice from a variety of people and wedding experiences – large, small, local, destination, formal, informal, you name it.

Remember what the day itself will want to feel like when looked back upon and to let go of any very specific expectations… In other words, planning’s great, but don’t forget to go with the flow…
— Onatel

Leave time for yourself before the ceremony. Allow yourself an escape from family and friends so you can take a few moments to reflect on how special this day is and gather your thoughts about the events to come.

Don’t do anything because you think you are “supposed to”. There is no such thing. Just do what you’re both comfortable with and what means something to you.

Be sure to eat BEFORE the ceremony because you sure as heck won’t have time to eat at the reception (unless it’s a sit down dinner).

For the wedding day, laugh a lot.

Have your wedding planner (friend, or relative) package up food and cake for you and your new spouse to eat when you arrive at the hotel/house after the reception.

And finally, the best advice I received from a friend: Remember to take your time and look around you as you walk down the aisle, see the faces of all the important people in your life, look at the flowers, and savor that moment.

She was right! This is one of the few memories I have of the ceremony as I was so nervous, excited, and overwhelmed. It’s a memory I’ll really cherish and a moment I’ll never forget.

What’s your best wedding advice or favorite moment?

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