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Five Simple Computer Safety Tips

May 19, 2013

AtSafety First Expedite Group we spend a lot of time doing internet research, making sure our clients get the best deals, products, vacations, service people, physicians, jewelers, vitamins, snake repellent… you name it.  Imagine the ad cookies our browsers collect!

In order to provide the best personal assistance possible, we have to keep our computers safe.

We came across these tips to do just that from Katharine Knibbs at Techlicious and thought you needed to know about them, too!

1. Update, update, update.  From your operating system to your browsers to your antivirus software, staying up to date is crucial.

2. Banish Java. This surprised us for sure, but even the Department of Homeland Security recommends disabling or removing Java because of its vulnerability to attack.  Check out a guide here to determine if you are running it and how to protect your equipment.

3. Malware Protection is not negotiable.  Best rated options include Bitdefender Antivirus Plus and Kaspersky Antivirus, according to TopTenReviews and Malwarebytes  according to CNET.  If you’re looking for other good free options, check PCMag’s suggestions.

4. Passwords like Fort Knox.  You’ve got to vary them everywhere you go online, you’ve got to use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols, and if it’s a site like your bank, you’ve got to change it once a season.  Another tip: Use a sentence strung together, because when it comes to passwords, Longer is Stronger.

(Knibbs recommends lying on security questions, too, but personally I’ve gotten into trouble trying to remember my false answers.  if you choose to do this, try to lie consistently!)

5. The Back-Up Plan.  The Back-up needs to be your Plan A.  Keep your data stored on an external drive.  Cloud-based storage is a good option, but for your ultimate security and information retrieval, nothing compares to a physical storage spot.  CNET just released a review of its top recommendations here.  The Buffalo DriveStation DDR is the only product under $200 to make their list.


That sums it up, but you can read the whole blog by Katharine Knibbs here.  While you’re there, check out the other information Techlicious has to offer.  Expedite Group loves to be your source for the information you need, but part of being a good concierge is sharing other great resources with you!

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